I know I haven’t been active lately. I feel down about my art at times, but here is a really quick concept of Blast’s new design. He still wears his underwear and jacket, but instead, his spikes are made out of shiny black stone. The stones look more rugged, but once I color him, they will be smooth and sharp to the tip.

A bit more skin patterns will make him complete.

Dragons World Art Challenge #1 (Dragons Owned): Swamp Dragon

Swamp Dragons are not the most graceful representatives of their species, but they are perfectly adapted for life in marshlands and quagmires. Their square frame and massive paws are vitally important for inhabiting swampy areas, and their large surface area keeps them from sinking into the quagmire and allows them to take off from the most deadly swamps.

(Nevermind the quick edit, I tried to make it sound exciting.)

Anyways… I decided to challenge myself, artistically, by drawing my favorite dragons from my favorite iPhone game, Dragons World! (I really love this game, you have no clue.)

I felt that this would be some good practice and motivation, so I will be drawing my top ten favorite dragons that I have and then drawing the top 5 dragons that I want or trying to breed each day.

Even if you don’t know this game, it would be nice to at least support the art! If you think this game is interesting, I recommend playing it, and it’s free for download! (It’s also for Android.)

My art is tagged dragons-world on this art blog! Enjoy!